What causes headaches?

Headaches are one of the most common health complaints in Australia with more than 15% of people taking medication to relieve related symptoms at any one time. Headaches can affect anyone but are most commonly reported in individuals aged between 25 and 44 years old. (Source – www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au)

There are many causes for headaches but one of the most common is related to poor posture. With working from home being more common than ever and non-ergonomic home workstations being hard to manage, the number of people attending the clinic with headache related issues has increased. According to a paper published in Harvard Health Publishing, tension headaches and migraines are the most common types seen in patients. Migraines are a much harder beast to treat due to their many and varied causative factors, but with tension headaches some of the common causes are:
* Stress                       * Lack of sleep
* Fatigue                     * Hormonal imbalances
* Poor diet                   * Dental & TMJ issues
* Posture – causing muscle tension
* Food & drinks – alcohol, MSG,   chocolate, caffeine withdrawal

There are further causes for headaches such as eyesight issues, medication side effects, dehydration or over exertion.

So how do we treat this very common, and for some, very debilitating problem?

Once we ascertain whether the cause of the headache is related to posture, stress or fatigue, we will then assess the range of movement in your neck and upper back and apply Soft Tissue Therapy (remedial massage) techniques to the areas with restrictions as well as give you some homework activities to complete. Depending on the individual, this may include some specific stretches, strengthening exercises, an assessment of your workstation and more in order to complement and support the treatment you received.

If you suffer with sinus headaches, particularly at this time of year, we can also help with this and show you some self-help techniques that assist to drain your sinuses.

We have also produced some YouTube videos showing how you can maintain good posture as you work, especially if you spend many hours at your workstation whether at home or back in the office.

If headaches are an ongoing problem for you, feel free to give us a call to make a booking or discuss the issues you are experiencing and we will be happy to assist.