Remedial Massage Therapy

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Remedial Massage Therapy

A Remedial Massage is targeted at resolving a problem that is associated with pain or dysfunction, hence the term Remedial. This may be due to an injury, over training, bad posture or as part of an ongoing maintenance programme.

This type of therapy may also include many other techniques such as Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Work, Muscle Energy Techniques, Stretching and Strengthening work.

In our assessment, treatment and management of Soft Tissue injury, Pain and Dysfunction, Muscle Tone utilize a scientific approach to mobilise the soft tissue structures of the body – muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia and connective tissues – to bring about balance and harmony and to further enhance the function of those tissues.

Therapeutic Massage Therapy 

A Therapeutic (or Swedish or relaxation) Massage may be defined as the systematic mobilisation of the soft tissues of a body to bring about a therapeutic response. 

These responses can include (amongst others)
 Stress relief
 Assistance in removing toxins
 Increase in blood supply
 Relaxation of tight muscles
 Calming or Stimulating effect on the nervous system

This type of massage can be either light of touch or very deep depending on your personal preferences.