Therapeutic or Remedial Massage

In the last blog post we briefly discussed the different massage types available very generally, but what are the benefits of each?

A Therapeutic (Swedish) Massage

Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Thai Massage, etc. can assist to bring about a lowering of your heart rate and your stress levels, increase blood flow, and therefore bring about a greater sense of relaxation. It may also help to increase your flexibility, as well as improving your sleep. Many clients find this type of massage performed on a regular basis, is very useful in helping to cope with such things as:

  • chronic pain syndromes
  • fibromyalgia
  • sleep disorders
  • reducing mental stress
  • reducing anxiety
  • reducing fatigue

Remedial Massage (Myotherapy) 

This type of treatment is focused more on very specific issues or areas you may be suffering or having problems with. These include such conditions as frozen shoulder, tendonitis, sudden on-set lower back pain, headaches or migraines, calf, knee or hip injuries, tennis elbow or even bursitis, amongst many more.
You will have a physical assessment of the joint/s involved to see what your range of motion is (compared to the “good” side) as well as strength and functional tests. This may be something like moving from sit to stand or vice versa, ascending, or descending stairs; if it is a sporting injury, you may be taken through a range of activities involved in that sport.

Do not hesitate to talk to us to discuss your very individual needs so we can tailor a personalised treatment for you.