Knee Pain

Most of us have experienced knee pain to some degree, be it small twinges or chronic aches, and knee pain can be triggered by many different causes such as:

  • Impact injuries to the knee joint itself in falls, collisions or other accidents
  • Problems with your feet and ankle joints
  • A by-product of poor hip function or stability

Clinically we see a lot of knee issues that are a result of old injuries not being treated properly, ineffective solutions or lack of rehabilitation. As you can see in the above diagram the structures that surround the knee are a multi-faceted source of pain and this needs to be assessed correctly to obtain a positive treatment outcome.

If you have flat feet (over pronation) and you do not wear correctly fitted orthotics, this may cause to knee to roll inwards and can create stability issues with the inside of the joint, mainly over the medial co-lateral ligament (MCL) as well as causing pain along your adductor muscles. This in turn can also refer pain up into the hip or groin areas.

Depending on the findings of an assessment, a variety of treatment regimes may be put in place which can include Soft Tissue Therapy (Remedial Massage), specific stretching, targeted strengthening exercises or even a decrease in the amount of training you are doing. Sometimes you may be referred to a coach for some technique adjustments or encouraged to have further physical assessments to narrow down the cause, depending on what is found when we first assess your condition.